Highly customized in its implementation, our institutional plan management is unapologetically disciplined in the actions we take. We know your unique needs and responsibilities require that and much more, so our process relies on strategy, in-depth research, reporting and oversight to ensure we’ve covered the big picture as well as the finer details. Our goal? The ideal outcome for your organization’s financial obligations. One that supports your work and all you strive to accomplish financially.

  • Evaluate

    Dedicated to the distinct requirements of your organization, we must first gain a clear understanding of your overarching objectives down to each nuanced need. At the highest level, this includes discussing your fiduciary responsibilities and listening closely to uncover the purpose of the plan along with providing a thorough review of your current investment policy and a comprehensive risk analysis.

  • Construct

    With a strong foundation of intelligent research at the core of every decision, we thoughtfully select asset classes and tailor an asset allocation to your organization’s goals. Driving this investment selection is complete alignment with your investment policy, an awareness of active versus passive investing needs, and respect for other key considerations, such as your spending policy.

  • Employ

    Building on your custom portfolio with extraordinary craftsmanship, we take an all-encompassing approach to each decision we make. Of course, this entails key areas including plan design, governance and investments. Most important, we undertake in-depth documentation at each step and stage of the process to help ensure every decision is accounted for in detail.

  • Manage

    As meticulous as we are with every element of designing your plan, we become even more interested in providing the ongoing management you require once your plan is implemented. We not only monitor your investment plan and adjust as necessary, but provide performance reporting, research and due diligence, as well as prudent education for fiduciaries. That’s what it takes to truly contribute to your organization’s financial affairs.