Focused Financial Guidance for energy industry executives

As an energy industry executive with one of the world’s largest companies, you hold a key position that is not only a symbol of your successful career, but a tribute to your skills as a leader and visionary.

This demanding corporate role commands much time and energy, leaving you little for managing your own wealth and all of its attendant needs.

Just as you are focused on your initiative, we are focused on ours: Applying our in-depth knowledge of your company’s executive compensation and benefits programs to design wealth-preserving and tax-efficient strategies exclusively for executives and upper-level managers.

Our Team. Trusted, Dedicated, Disciplined.

The client relationships we build are cultivated by careful planning and our conservative, long-term approach.

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I have been privileged to serve my country as a U.S. Marine and now as a wealth advisor for the executives of one of America’s greatest companies.
JAMES D. SHEEHAN, CFP®, CPWA®; Director, Client Advisor