Well-defined private wealth counsel

No two clients are alike, so neither is the way in which we serve them. Our individual team members work together, sharing their individual strengths, experience and perspectives in serving high-net-worth executives and their families, and in managing the complexities that often accompany wealth.

Having a range of ages among our team members gives you the best of both worlds: The experience of seasoned advisors, and the future continuity and enduring guidance that a younger advisor brings to the table.

We serve as your financial quarterback, coordinating all aspects of your financial life with other professional advisors such as CPAs, attorneys, personal bankers and insurance professionals to help ensure that all are on the same page when it comes to serving your needs and keeping you up to date on your investment, estate planning and tax matters.

As associates of America’s oldest investment bank with a heritage that dates back to our nation’s formative years, we are proud to serve the executives of companies that literally power our great country.