Working With Us

You have achieved a high level of success.

Now is the time to consider establishing a partnership with a team of professionals that has developed expertise measured in decades, not years.

Whether you are a family, business owner, select institution or multi‐family office, WBO Partners offers a view that only comes with time in the markets and through collaborative dialogue within a boutique investment management setting. Service and trust are embedded in our culture, which is why many of our relationships extend to the third and even fourth generations.

Family Wealth

We have had the privilege of guiding generations of clients, applying a consultative approach to managing the complexities that accompany wealth. Our approach reflects the distinct needs of the families we serve. Working in tandem with your professional advisors such as CPAs and tax and estate attorneys, we coordinate a process to help ensure harmony with all aspects of your life.

Our Family Wealth Solutions:

Business Owners

As a business owner, you’ve learned that your personal and professional lives may intertwine in ways you had not anticipated. While the accomplishments of a business owner are great and many, we recognize that obstacles are part of the life of a business owner too. Our many years of partnering with business owners has exposed us to the variety of ups and downs that can occur. This experience has helped us understand that our role is to act as a CSO (Chief Strategy Officer).

We help you see variations of the bigger picture – important business and life objectives such as providing support to expand the company whether that be through organic growth, acquisitions, or injecting equity into the business. We can also help you construct an exit strategy which could include passing on a legacy to the next generation to continue the vision, or considering a liquidity event. We will work with you to help ensure your employees have concrete options for their retirement planning. We will partner with you so that as you focus on the growth strategy for your business, you are confidient in the knowledge that you have a partner helping with the other important factors in running the business.

Our Business Owners Solutions:


Needs for an institution are substantial and specific. You have a mission that requires your full commitment, and an organization that desires stability and guidance. We understand your responsibilities as a decision‐maker and are equipped with the resources and tools to support your institution. We can work with you in many areas including cash management, finance support and retirement planning.

In the charitable and philanthropic world, you strive to make every dollar and decision count in an effort to achieve the desired outcome. You are required to act in the capacity of a fiduciary – but what does that entail? With individuals on our team designated as an AIF® (Accredited Investment Fiduciary), this lets you know that we have the education and resources to assist you within your role as a fiduciary.

Our core focus is small institutions with revenues up to $100 million or non‐profit organizations and endowments with assets between $5 ‐ $250 million. If you fall within those guidelines our team would enjoy the opportunity for dialogue.

Our Institutional Service Offerings:

Multi‐Family Offices

For Multi‐Family Offices, we are positioned not as a competitor, but as a compliment to your customized approach by providing comprehensive and distinct private offerings. Simply put, we offer investment product access to compliment your advice.

We seek to offer custom investment solutions for accounts that qualify under FINRA section 4512(c), as an “institutional account”. Our approach is to leverage the financial stability of Alex. Brown/Raymond James with the historical & thoughtful approach of a boutique to provide sophisticated investment opportunities and capital markets-based solutions to top-tier clients such as you.

Multi‐Family Office Support: