Tigran Anlian
Tigran Anlian Client Service Associate

Tigran joined WBO Partners of Alex Brown in their Washington D.C. office in 2023. He is a recent graduate of Towson University with a B.S. in Business Administration and Investments. His academic journey focused on expanding knowledge in financial markets, investment strategies, and wealth management.

Tigran spent his early childhood in Armenia, which became a canvas for Tigran’s first memories, filled with a distinctive culture, flavors, and traditions. Tigran started school in Washington D.C. where he graduated from St John's College High School. His experience living in a developing country has afforded Tigran a unique perspective as to the importance of financial security for families and has motivated him to help clients achieve their financial goals.

Outside of work, Tigran indulges in activities such as Snowboarding, Biking, and Weightlifting. He also enjoys travelling and spending time on the beach.