The distinctions that make us stand out

Finding the right advisory team to serve as your trusted partner is essential for your financial independence and well-being, and there are many important factors to consider. Finding the right fit can make a difference in your financial life, today and for the future. Here are the ways we stand out among other advisory firms – and the reasons why you should give us serious consideration.

Serving empowered women, divorcees and healthcare professionals
At Tailored Financial Strategies of Alex. Brown a division of Raymond James, our practice has a deliberate focus. We apply our personal perspective and professional experience to specifically serving our select clientele. The personal experiences of Kennie Taylor’s life are natural bridges to the strong connections we have with our clients. His father was a physician, so it helps him understand the mindset of the medical professionals we serve. Kennie was a dentist before a disability prevented him from practicing, so he intimately understands the financial concerns of dental professionals. His mom and sisters manage the money in their households, so it helps him relate to woman decision makers. He saw how a difficult divorce affected his younger sister, so he truly sees the value in an amicable, collaborative divorce process.

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