Wealth strategies for successful families

A major priority of successful families is preserving their wealth, not only for maintaining today’s lifestyle, but for the future of their children and grandchildren as well. It’s why we put a tremendous emphasis on the multigenerational transfer of assets, but also on passing along the principles of careful money management to the family heirs.

Of course, wealth preservation is only part of the value we provide as part of our comprehensive wealth management plan. Mitigating taxes is another financial concern of successful families, and another important area we address in collaboration with our clients’ tax and legal advisors. Prudent tax planning can play a large role in the amount of wealth our clients will be able to someday transfer to their heirs.

Another area we address is risk management – protecting families’ wealth against catastrophic loss, potential creditors, litigants, children’s spouses and potential ex-spouses, and identity thieves. We strive to mitigate risks through prudent business processes and insurance planning, employment agreements and buy-sell agreements, as well as restructuring assets and considering legal forms of ownership such as trusts and limited liability entities.

We also know that our clients often have a strong interest in charitable giving. We help them create a family mission statement to outline their giving goals, identify the philanthropic causes they believe in, and clarify each family member’s role to keep everyone engaged and truly create your giving legacy. Charitable giving options include private family foundations, charitable trusts, charitable gift annuities, pooled-income funds and donor-advised funds.

Wealth preservation, wealth enhancement, wealth transfer, wealth protection and charitable giving: These are the key concerns of successful families, and the core capabilities of the Decker Global Wealth Group.

Raymond James does not provide tax or accounting services.