As many of you know, I grew up the son of a famous orthopedic surgeon, and the grandson of a country doctor, so helping people is in my genes. Many doctors recommend that you get a second opinion on their diagnosis. Why not do the same for your investment strategies?

Financial market disruptions may cause you to question whether your existing portfolio and wealth strategies are positioned to achieve what is most important to you. A second opinion may provide important insight, perspective and clarity to your financial situation and outlook.

Why should you consider a second opinion?

Through this process of a second opinion we hope to give you the satisfaction of knowing that you have done your research and considered all the options in providing for you and for those who depend on you and the legacy that you will leave.

Whether you manage your own investments or have an advisor, this service can help you address some of the following issues and concerns:

If you are already working with an advisor:

  • I question the advice I am currently receiving
  • My portfolio and/or needs have outgrown my advisor’s service or expertise
  • I am interested in a more comprehensive and holistic approach to my financial planning and investments
  • I need help with planning issues such as estate planning, wealth transfer, and exit planning from my company
  • The advice I am receiving doesn’t reflect my goals, situation or risk tolerance
  • I have received sudden wealth, such as an inheritance or large asset sale and my situation is now more complicated than my advisor can handle
  • I do not appear to be on my advisor’s radar and there is little to no communication

If you are currently investing on your own:

  • I would rather be spending my time doing other things and don’t know an advisor I can trust
  • I want to get rid of the stress and want someone else to do the day to day investing
  • My portfolio is not meeting my goals
  • I am concerned about current events and have no idea how much risk is in my portfolio
  • My portfolio performance is not what it should be
  • I need help with planning issues such as estate planning, wealth transfer, and exit planning from my company
  • I have received sudden wealth, such as an inheritance or large asset sale and need help determining the appropriate way to invest

What to Expect

Decker Global Wealth Group’s goal is to make your second opinion process both easy and enjoyable. When you contact us to start the process, Craig Decker will meet with you to gather and provide you with some pre-meeting information. This will help facilitate the use of your time in the first meeting.

Elements of the team will sit down with and gain a thorough understanding of your values and goals. We will discuss many areas of your life, what is most important to you, family, career, business, and any other areas you feel are vital.

We will analyze your current financial situation and strategy, and develop a formal written analysis of your investments and holdings and how they relate to your present and future life goals and plans. This analysis will cover many areas:

  • It will help your determine if your portfolio asset allocation is appropriately aligned with your personal goals, family values, and investment risk tolerance.
  • Point out any gaps or pitfalls in your strategy or areas of missed opportunities
  • Discover shortfalls and provide an opportunity to make adjustments before it’s too late
  • Allow you to ask questions about areas you’re not completely clear on, or are presently uncomfortable asking your present advisor, spouse or significant other

We will provide you with our analysis and walk you through our results. We will answer any additional questions and then present you with your best option:

  1. Stay on your present path with your current advisor because everything is fine.
  2. Consider becoming a Decker Global Wealth Group client because a change is needed due to recommendations presented throughout the process.

You can always be assured that your meeting with us, and any information provided to help us analyze your financial situation, is held in the strictest confidence. Maintaining your privacy is our paramount concern.

Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit nor protect against loss.