At The McHugh Group, experience has taught us that our clients deserve the confidence of knowing that we work for them and only them. As your financial advisory team, we design solutions with your ideals, goals and objectives at the forefront, using our expertise and prudent management approach to create a holistic approach. For decades, we've offered individuals, families and institutions a higher degree of strategic thinking designed to uncover new opportunities for financial success now and in the future. Our robust capabilities cover all aspects of investment management, from investment research to strategy and oversight. Our commitment is to advance your strategic financial goals with the most suitable investment opportunities we discover. Why? Because our benchmark is your best interests, and every member of our advisory team is dedicated to transparency, honesty and integrity in all of our client relationships. It's simply the right thing to do.

  • Portfolios

    That Reflect Ownership

    We believe a portfolio should reflect its owner – whether it’s an individual or institution. Our analysis and investment selection are conducted with that important goal in mind.

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  • Expertise

    Knowledgeably Applied

    Your important financial affairs should only be left to those with not only proven expertise but also the ability to apply it effectively in pursuit of your goals and objectives.

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  • Leadership

    Over Two Centuries

    Established in 1800, Alex. Brown & Sons was the nation’s first investment banking firm and has served the needs of investors for more than 200 years.

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